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The AARP story begins with dedication to helping people live their best life. We're united by a common history, vision and mission.

AARP Snapshot

AARP (The Parent)

  • Tax-exempt social welfare organization [501(c)(4)] with a membership.
  • Leads positive social change and helps members live their best lives through information, nonpartisan advocacy and service.
  • International initiatives foster exchanges of ideas related to the opportunities and challenges of aging populations.
  • Umbrella organization that supports affiliated entities.

AARP Services

  • Wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP. "Triple bottom line" supports AARP's broader mission.
  • AARP Services is where AARP's mission meets the marketplace. ASI leads the way by encouraging companies to make available new and better choices for Americans 50+. AARP Services also engages in new product development activities for AARP and provides certain consulting services to outside companies.
  • Manages endorsed-product relationships
  • Develops new products

AARP Foundation

  • Tax-exempt public charity [501(c)(3)] affiliated with AARP.
  • Sparks bold, innovative solutions that help vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connection.
  • Charitable work
  • Legal advocacy
  • Direct services (Tax-Aide, Senior Community Service Employment Program)

Legal Counsel for the Aging

Legal Counsel for the Elderly, AARP's second affiliated charity, is a nonprofit organization that champions the dignity and rights of seniors in Washington, D.C.

AARP policy guides not only advocacy but also the work of AARP Foundation and AARP Services' choice of products, services and providers. Understanding the common elements, as well as our differences, can help us appreciate our diverse family and the roles each entity plays.

No, 50 is not the new 30. I like to think that 50 is the new 50 — and I like what it looks like. We're redefining what it means to be our age. We are committed to family and energized by work. We are family caregivers, volunteers and philanthropists. We are leaders in our communities, supporters of our churches and synagogues, helping hands to our neighbors and friends. We are a generation of makers and doers who have a desire to continue exploring our possibilities, to celebrate discovery over decline.

CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins

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